Three French Bullgod Puppies


Soon after we first set out 13 years ago, we realized that a lot of the retailers we were dealing with had specific goals that other companies weren't able to help them reach as quickly as the retailers would have liked. We stepped in and gave our retailers a solution. We were able to differentiate ourselves from other companies because we take a multi-branded approach where we won't just sell you "Our Brand", but we'll provide you with an incredible selection of different types of toys under various brands that all cater to specific consumer needs in the pet marketplace. Our products will make any set pop and make the consumer feel as though they're presented with every option for every occasion which will keep them coming back for more.


We pride ourselves on our ability to truly cater to the specific wants and needs of our retailer partners and are able to work quickly to stick and move in any direction much faster than most companies in order to help the retailer achieve their end goals. 

Our primary goal is to help foster the unique bond between the pet and the pet owner by providing premium quality toys, treats, and accessories that can help them make a genuine connection in a fun, safe way.